BCTF is a consortium of conservation organizations and scientists dedicated to the conservation of wildlife populations threatened by commercial hunting for sale as meat.

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Jun 17, 2009

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Jun 17, 2009

On 19 February 1999, 34 experts, representing 28 different organizations and agencies, assembled at the offices of the Association of ...

Cameroon: 15 arrested for poaching

Jun 17, 2009

About 15 people have been detained following a huge anti-poaching operation involving the military, gendarmes and game guards in ...

  • What is the Crisis?
What Is Bushmeat?
In Africa, forest is often referred to as 'the bush', thus wildlife and the meat derived from it is referred to as 'bushmeat'.

Commercial, illegal and unsustainable hunting for the meat of wild animals is causing widespread local extinctions in Asia and West Africa. It is a crisis because of rapid expansion to countries and species which were previously not at risk, largely due to an increase in commercial logging, with an infrastructure of roads and trucks that links forests and hunters to cities and consumers.

The Bushmeat Crisis Task Force thanks you for your support and work to protect wildlife and human communities affected by the unsustainable bushmeat trade.

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