Education and Training


The bushmeat crisis is a complex issue requiring targeted professional education and training opportunities. Education and training are critically important solutions to the bushmeat crisis that bolster other efforts including law enforcement, protected area management and sustainable financing. Nearly every sector of the wildlife conservation community has expressed a need for tools that provide professional training and facilitate communication with the general public.

In addition to our public awareness efforts, the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force (BCTF) works with conservation education professionals to support formal training opportunities in African wildlife colleges and public education products in the United States. Since the beginning of BCTF operations in 2000, BCTF has managed hundreds of education requests from its members, AZA professionals and global colleagues. From needs for ecoguard training in Central African logging concessions to needs for docent training in Louisville and Philadelphia, colleagues have requested BCTF’s assistance in identifying appropriate resources and opportunities for these needs.


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