Bushmeat Education Resource Guide (BERG) - Summary


  • Public education regarding bushmeat helps to develop public support for policy and funding mechanisms and for individual engagement in solving the bushmeat crisis.
  • Requests from educators for photos, signage and bushmeat solutions initiated the development of the BERG. Collaboration for BERG development brought together a diverse group of experts in education, training and bushmeat conservation that resulted in an excellent product to assist institutions in reaching out to the public regarding the bushmeat issue.
  • The BERG has been distributed in CD-ROM format to 200 institutions in the United States, Africa and around the world. The main components of the BERG are now available online at www.bushmeat.org/education_and_awareness/welcome_and_introduction, and on this CD-ROM.


In the U.S., BCTF focuses on public education through development and implementation of the Bushmeat Education Resource Guide (BERG). To meet the needs of numerous members and colleagues, BCTF worked with more than 30 volunteers from many American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) member institutions to develop the BERG. The collaboration and expertise of AZA’s Conservation Education Committee (CEC) on this effort was essential to this project’s success. With support from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the BERG was officially launched at the 2003 AZA annual Conference. The BERG was developed for a Western audience but it has also been shared with numerous African collaborators. The BERG is available online at www.bushmeat.org/education_and_awareness/welcome_and_introduction. The BERG provides resources that can be used to create unique bushmeat education materials:

  • A training guide to introduce the bushmeat issue, its solutions and how to reach out to the public regarding the issue
  • A middle school curriculum
  • A programming and activities guide
  • Signage templates with text, graphics and interactive components
  • Evaluation tools to measure BERG effectiveness and make improvements
  • The Bushmeat Promise is an integral part of the BERG that facilitates individual engagement with the issue

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