Bushmeat Curriculum Development in African Wildlife Colleges - Summary


  • Training and capacity building to address the bushmeat crisis is a top priority for many stakeholders
  • Africa’s regional wildlife training colleges provide opportunities for training mid-career wildlife managers in knowledge, skills and attitudes to appropriately address the bushmeat crisis throughout Africa.
  • Funding from USAID enabled a series of regional bushmeat curriculum development workshops to identify training needs for Central & West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa.
  • Funding from WWF-US R.E. Train Education for Nature Program has enabled the development and implementation of a bushmeat training program at EFG in Cameroon. Short courses on bushmeat are available and the training is also available to all regular students at EFG.
  • Funding is needed to enable similar efforts at CAWM in Tanzania and SAWC in South Africa


Education and training for wildlife managers has been identified as a top priority in solving the bushmeat crisis. In Africa, BCTF works with regional wildlife colleges in Cameroon, Tanzania and South Africa to assist in the development of bushmeat training programs for mid-career wildlife and protected area managers. In 2002, regional curriculum development workshops were held with support from U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to identify training needs at each college. WWF-US’s Russell E. Train Education for Nature program is currently providing generous funding to enable École de Faune de Garoua (Cameroon) to develop and implement bushmeat training for francophone Africa. This training program is offered as a short course and is also incorporated into the regular training program of the School. Bushmeat curriculum development and implementation efforts have also taken place at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, Tanzania and the Southern African Wildlife College, South Africa. BCTF and the wildlife colleges continue to seek collaboration to further enable professional training on bushmeat issues.

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