Coalition Against Wildlife Trade - Summary

This important public-private coalition to combat the illegal wildlife trade  was initiated in 2005 and officially launched on 10 February 2007.  CAWT brings together partners from government, non-government organizations, and private industry to form a unique collection of expertise that focuses on key priorities in addressing wildlife trafficking, estimated to be worth $10 billion annually.  CAWT’s objectives include improving wildlife law enforcement, decreasing consumer demand, and catalyzing political will at the highest levels to stop illegal wildlife trade.  The coalition is chaired by a government partner on a two-year rotational basis.  CAWT is currently chaired by the United States.

The Bushmeat Crisis Task Force has been engaged with the Department of State for a number of years on the issue of wildlife trade. Beginning with contributions to the Africa Policy Advisory Panel report to Secretary of State Colin Powell on bushmeat in 2004 and participation in strategic planning on wildlife trade organized by Department of State OES in August 2004.  Since then, BCTF has participated in numerous meetings and discussions related to the CAWT initiative.  Many of BCTF’s members are official partners of CAWT and BCTF has been engaged to provide technical assistance to the CAWT initiative including information and website management.

For more information about the CAWT initiative please visit their website:

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