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BCTF was formed in 1999 with a primary goal to establish the immediate, medium- and long-term solutions to the bushmeat crisis. Carrying out this task required establishing a professional network and evaluating published research and news related to bushmeat. Several mechanisms evolved to manage and share this information from diverse sources, including a website, fact sheets, and databases of bushmeat publications and conservation projects. Today, information management activities at BCTF can roughly be categorized as Research and Synthesis or Communications with Members and Partners. The BCTF website cuts across categories, and increasingly our tools for research and communication are being provided over the Internet.

BCTF works to stay current and share lessons on several research topics, include practices, policies and solutions in the areas of extractive industry drivers of the trade (logging, mining, petroleum, railroads), health threats (HIV, Ebola, SARS, Monkeypox, Foot and Mouth disease, poisons), socio-economic development projects, protected areas, wildlife management, wildlife biology and conservation (at several levels, from individual animals to species, orders and classes), and country- and regional-level issues. This information is the foundation of our efforts in education and training, public awareness, and working with decision makers in government, industry, and multinational conventions and organizations.


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