Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP - Summary


  • In response to an increased member interest in gathering and sharing information on wildlife trade in Asia, BCTF has expanded its perview to include the Asian region, including trade issues other than bushmeat, such as traditional medicines, fur, bones, and organs of wildlife species
  • The Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP builds on the success of the Bushmeat IMAP and will improve both information systems through an upgrade to the map search of the projects database and a better integration of spatial and text databases.
  • Credible information is the foundation for all BCTF programs, and the Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP is an important part of our information management strategy in Phase III and beyond


The Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP is an initiative developed by BCTF to create a central repository of information on the causes and solutions of wildlife trade, with a particular focus on Asia.

Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP involves the same functions as the Bushmeat IMAP, however in this case BCTF is creating news datasets rather than making existing data available.  The components are:

  • A searchable, digital library of key legislation, published research, internal reports & media
  • An online, customizable map maker for quickly finding and mapping information relevant to the wildlife trade in Asia
  • A geo-referenced database of projects which address conservation and wildlife trade

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