Mission, Vision and Goals


Eliminate the illegal commercial bushmeat trade through the development of a global network that actively supports and informs nations, organizations, scientists and the general public.


To build a public, professional and government constituency aimed at identifying and supporting solutions that effectively respond to the bushmeat crisis in Africa and around the world.


From 2000-2004, BCTF's Goals were:

  • Establishing an information database regarding the activities and impacts of the African commercial bushmeat trade (ecological, economic, and social).

  • Establishing mechanisms for information sharing among member organizations with the goal of increasing collaboration and effectiveness of field program actions and reporting/ evaluation of results.

  • Informing, raising awareness, and identifying support from key decision-makers regarding the scope and immediacy of the problem.

  • Coordinating cooperative public relations/ media campaigns to inform the public in the USA about the bushmeat crisis (including collaboration with member institutional/individual partners to develop similar, culturally appropriate, information campaigns in Africa).

  • Engaging African partners and stakeholders in the BCTF process.

  • Building and maintaining communications among members of the BCTF to facilitate collaborative policy, decision-making, fund-raising, and action implementation among the disparate members of the BCTF.

  • Developing linkages with parallel collaborative efforts emerging among African and European counterparts.

Inclusive of the above, BCTF (2004-2009) had the following goals:

  • Be the primary, reliable, credible source of information on the bushmeat issue (commercial, illegal and/or unsustainable) in Africa, Asia, Latin America and around the globe.

  • Use information to catalyze connections in the bushmeat arena, to support conservation on the ground.

  • Strengthen domestic and international policies focused on mitigation of the illegal, unsustainable activities related to bushmeat (government, private sector, etc.)

  • Identify and cultivate key decision makers that will advance our vision.

  • Respond to requests from key decision makers that result in the advancement of our vision.

  • Raise awareness of the bushmeat crisis and its implications among  (a) members (b) key decision makers (c) public in Africa and North America and around the globe.

  • Motivate and enable action addressing the bushmeat crisis.

  • Promote education and training opportunities to enhance member and partner capacity to address bushmeat.


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