Bushmeat Promise Campaign - Summary


  • The Bushmeat Promise was developed to facilitate public awareness and action regarding the bushmeat issue.
  • Designed to offer recommendations for positive actions that people around the world can take to help solve the bushmeat crisis, including educational, political and consumer actions.
  • Pilot tests conducted by US institutions and Peace Corps volunteers in Cameroon.
  • Launched in April 2003 and continues to generate positive actions from individuals around the world.


The Bushmeat Promise is a new effort by the BCTF to encourage people from all sectors around the world to make a personal commitment to solving the bushmeat crisis. The Promise will provide opportunities for people to become aware about the crisis, to share what they have learned with others and to take action to support policies and field projects working to address the bushmeat issue. In a pilot effort carried out among three US based institutions (BCTF Supporting Members Oakland Zoo, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Columbus Zoo) in 2002, more than 300 people committed to more than 800 actions. In a follow up study of 30 of those who signed the promise, BCTF learned that more than 700 hours and $650 had been raised by just 10% of Promise participants. BCTF is now working with Peace Corps-Cameroon to outline appropriate commitments and actions for Peace Corps volunteers and local communities where they work. The Promise is available on the BCTF website at www.bushmeat.org/get_involved/promise_form to all who are interested in making a personal commitment to solving this issue.

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