Media Support - Summary


  • Media coverage plays an essential role in conveying the complexities of the bushmeat issue to a broad audience around the world.
  • Various viewpoints, from local consumers to conservationists to law enforcement offices, can be shared in media coverage.
  • As the bushmeat crisis is a relatively new topic for many journalists, there is a need for media training in this issue, its driving causes and its consequences. Special attention must be given to African journalists covering bushmeat and other conservation issues.
  • BCTF Supporting Members work together to convey messages regarding the bushmeat crisis, with each emphasizing a consensus viewpoint as well as their own perspectives on the issue.


The news media plays a tremendous role in providing the public, key decision makers and others with information regarding the bushmeat crisis. Since 2000, BCTF’s expert Steering Committee and network of Supporting Members have worked closely with reporters to provide science-based information on the state of the bushmeat crisis, its impacts and solutions. BCTF has assisted with articles in many media outlets, including: Newsweek, US News and World Report, National Geographic Adventure, People, USA Today, The Washington Post, Scientific American, Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, Voice of America, BBC News, Discovery Channel Canada and many others. Early press stories focused on defining the bushmeat issue, while more recent articles have dealt with bushmeat importation into the U.S. and the health effects that may arise from human/wildlife interactions.

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