Bushmeat and Wildlife Trade

Bushmeat Crisis in Brief

BCTF has been gathering and synthesizing information on the bushmeat crisis since 1999.  Articles produce for newsletters, journals and the web, plus project descriptions and important documents, are cataloged in the sections below.  The first page,What is the Bushmeat Crisis?, summarizes the main points and provides some definitions.

Asian Wildlife Trade

Starting in late 2005, BCTF began a concerted effort to track information on Asian Wildlife Trade, with a focus on developing an information portal for projects and publications.  For more information about this portal and another for Bushmeat information, visit our

Maps & Research
pages.  See the pages below for more on the issues and solutions which characterize wildlife trade in Asia, and information about BCTF's efforts to expand our knowledge network beyond Africa.

Partners & Related Efforts

Hundreds if not thousands of organizations are working to address the problems of bushmeat and wildlife trade around the world.  The

Partners & Related Efforts
page includes many of the organizations with which BCTF interacts or collaborates.

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