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African Great Apes and the Bushmeat Trade (Fact Sheet) 151.11 KB
Grands Singes d'Afrique et Commerce de Viande de Brousse (Fiche d'Information) 165.46 KB
Global Human Health (Fact Sheet) 178.67 KB
Santé Humaine (Fiche d'Information) 152.5 KB
Bushmeat Orphans and Primate Sanctuaries (Fact Sheet) 153.52 KB
Orphelins de la Viande de Brousse et Sanctuaires de Primates (Fiche d'Information) 126.98 KB
Effects of Bushmeat Hunting on Populations of African Great Apes158.15 KB
For relevant Information on each species please click on species' name: 
Genus and Species Common Name (English) Common Name (French)
Gorilla gorilla Gorilla Gorille
Pan paniscus Bonobo or Pygmy chimpanzee Bonobo ou Chimpanzé pygmée
Pan troglodytes Common chimpanzee Chimpanzé
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