Bushmeat Bulletin

since 2003

A Staff publication for BCTF Supporting and Contributing Members (SMs), the BCTF Steering Committee (SC) and the general public, the Bushmeat Bulletin is a two-page color newsletter produced for electronic distribution (email and online) about ten times a year. The first issue was in October 2003, when the Bulletin replaced the informal “Monthly Highlights” report which had been prepared solely for the SC and SMs. The Bulletin presents summaries of prominent staff and SM activities during each month, and/or staff or SM projects which have achieved a critical goal. News reported here is designed to be useful to a wider audience (SM board members, their constituencies, etc).

pdf.gif Bulletin Jun 07 Begins its 8th Year
pdf.gif Bulletin Oct 06 The BCTF Steering Committee held its annual meeting on June 5th, reviewing BCTF’s accomplishments
pdf.gif Bulletin Nov - Dec 05 Information management for effective policy and action is at the heart of the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force
pdf.gif Bulletin Oct 05 U.S. Department of State Leads Effort to Address Wildlife Trade
pdf.gif Bulletin Aug - Sep 05 Conservation aCross Cultures: Busch Gardens and Limbe Wildlife Centre Inspired by the Bushmeat Promise
pdf.gif Bulletin Jun - Jul 05 Newly-elected Steering Committee Holds First Meeting
pdf.gif Bulletin Apr - May 05 Members host BCTF "brown bags"... Out of Africa, bushmeat in Latin America and Asia
pdf.gif Bulletin Feb - Mar 05 Global Patterns and Solutions to the Bushmeat Crisis Introduced to U.S. International Conservation Caucus
pdf.gif Bulletin Dec 04 - Jan 05 Central Africa GIS Mission Reveals Differences in Capacity, Threats
pdf.gif Bulletin Nov 04 Key Resolutions and Recommendations Passed at World Conservation Congress
pdf.gif Bulletin Oct 04 Bushmeat Working Group Approved for Continuation at CITES CoP13
pdf.gif Bulletin Sep 04 Steering Committee honored and IMAP launched at BCTF Executive Reception
pdf.gif Bulletin Aug 04 Urban Wildlife Markets and the Loss of Tropical Forest Wildlife
pdf.gif Bulletin Jun - Jul 04 Panel Advises U.S. Government to Support Parks, Address Bushmeat Crisis in Africa
pdf.gif Bulletin Apr - May 04 Film Student Works to Raise Awareness about Gorillas' Plight among her Peers
pdf.gif Bulletin Mar 04 Health and Wildlife Conservation Linkages Demand Cross-Sectoral Collaboration
pdf.gif Bulletin Feb 04 Sustainability Highlighted at Bushmeat Debate
pdf.gif Bulletin Jan 04 Individuals and initiatives that help make a challenging conservation issue a little easier to address.
pdf.gif Bulletin Dec 03 Setting Priorities for Bushmeat Public Awareness in Central Africa
pdf.gif Bulletin Nov 03 Building the Bushmeat IMAP
pdf.gif Bulletin Oct 03 BCTF planning meeting sets agenda for next four years

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