Bushmeat Quaterly

from 2003 through 2005

The Bushmeat Quarterly (BQ) was a staff publication for all audiences, produced four times a year between March 2003 and Spring 2005. The BQ grew out of and included the “Bushmeat Working Groups Around the World Update” (December 2000-September 2002), which was a listing of recent news from organizations entirely or partially focused on the bushmeat crisis (eg., most have a working group). The BQ was typically a 15-25 page PDF document which, like its predecessor, was distributed on the web and via email, and is also catalogued on BCTF CDs.

A typical issue of the BQ included features on Supporting Member efforts, important events, a policy update, a BCTF staff activity summary, a country or project profile, updates for Bushmeat Working Groups, announcements, and a calendar of relevant meetings. The format periodically changed in response to document size limitations and the relevance of various parts, but the BQ basically evolved into a ‘what’s new’ section of the website and included links to websites and publications of interest, a jobs and grants

pdf.gif Bushmeat Quarterly no 07
pdf.gif Bushmeat Quarterly no 08
pdf.gif Bushmeat Quarterly no 09
pdf.gif Bushmeat Quarterly no 10
pdf.gif Bushmeat Quarterly no 11

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