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This guide is targeted at a middle school audience and includes lessons on wildlife, linkages to North American over-consumption, and solutions to the bushmeat crisis in Africa.

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RodenKirchen, K., N.D. Bailey, A. Groff, A. Warner, A. Albright, J. Dianto, G. Ellis, T. Fanney, R. Funk and B. Revard. 2003. “Teachers’ Guide to Bushmeat.” In: Bushmeat Education Resource Guide, N.D. Bailey and A. Groff, Senior Editors. Washington, DC: Bushmeat Crisis Task Force.


pdf.gif Introduction, Table of Contents and Background (267K)

pdf.gif Lesson I: Animal Research Stations(54K)
Introduction, Research Animals, Bushmeat Solutions Tracking Sheet, Animal Behavior Research and Evaluations

pdf.gif Lesson II: Bushmeat Comparisons (907K)
Introduction, Bushmeat Comparisons Worksheet, Bushmeat Crisis Research Guide, Bushmeat Word Searches and Evaluations

pdf.gif Lesson III: Socioeconomics and the Bushmeat Crisis (249K)
Introduction, Bushmeat Trail Board Game, Bushmeat Blitz Board Game, Commercial Industry Game, Cultural Perspectives and Evaluations

pdf.gif Lesson IV: Group Problem Solving (196K)
Introduction, Scenarios for Problem Solving and Evaluations

pdf.gif Lesson V: Solutions to the Bushmeat Crisis(36K)
Introduction, Solutions Worksheets and Evaluations

pdf.gif Unit Evaluation(13K)

APPENDICES (select individual sections below)

pdf.gif Appendix I: National Science Standards Referenced in Teachers’ Guide(21K)

pdf.gif Appendix II: The Bushmeat Promise(191K)

pdf.gif Appendix III: Bushmeat Resources(98K)

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