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Media is a principle outlet for raising awareness among key decision makers and their constituencies.  The following is a listing of more than 70 news stories on bushmeat for which BCTF contributed information, interviews, contacts and/or logistical support.  Many stories in member and partner newsletters are not included here.  In addition, countless media pieces have received fact-checking or photos from BCTF.

*Note: Last updated on 5 July 2005.


Bushmeat: Appetite for wildlife is emptying Africa's forests. National Geographic (US - Geographica section), September 2005, Neil Shea.

OS GRANDES PREDADORES: caça ameaça gorilas e chimpanzés (THE GREAT PREDATORS: Hunting threatens gorillas and chimpanzees). Veja (Brazil), April 2005, Marina Motomura. Review of the bushmeat crisis with particular attention to threats to apes. In Portuguese. Requires subscription or payment to access; BCTF has a copy on file.

Life Amidst Chaos: In a Forest Filled With Its Own Dangers, DRC Violence Continues to Trample the Efe and Lese. Cultural Survival Quarterly, 15 March 2005 (Issue 29.1), David Wilkie. (BCTF provided photos only). Article on the history of the conflict in the Ituri forest involving the Efe and Lese peoples.

Mapping the Bushmeat Crisis. AZA Communiqué, March 2005, Andrew Tobiason. An overview of the BCTF Bushmeat IMAP project in this issue dedicated to technology and wildlife conservation.

Bushmeat on the Menu: Untangling the influences of hunger, wealth, and international commerce. Science News, 26 February 2005 (Volume 167, Number 9), Susan Milius. An excellent review of the bushmeat crisis in Central and West Africa, with particular attention paid to international linkages and local cultural preference.

Stop the CarnageSmithsonian Magazine, January 2005, Paul Rafaeolo. Cover story about David Greer, an American who runs anti-poaching patrols in the Dzanga-Sangha Dense Forest Special Reserve, Central African Republic.


Global Wildlife Trade Presents Global Threat. Newswise, 15 September 2004, WCS press release.

Bush-meat trade breeds new HIV. New Scientist (Print Edition), 4 August 2004, Amitabh Avasthi.

Health Risks From Bushmeat May Reach U.S. Shores, Pacific News Service, 29 April 2004, Amanda T. Hawn.

Radio Interview on Bushmeat in Central Africa, Leonard Lopate Show on NPR station WNYC, 12 March 2004
BCTF Steering Committee member Dr. David Wilkie (Wildlife Conservation Society-Living Landscapes Program) and New York-based writer Kim Larsen appeared on the Leonard Lopate radio show (WNYC - New York) on 12 March 2004 to discuss the bushmeat trade in Central Africa. The show is archived: visit the link below and select the third interview.


An unwanted import: Wild meat, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 17 December 2003, Charles Seabrook (Cox News Service) . Reprinted in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Chicago Tribune.

BCTF: Moving Forward.  AZA Communiqué, December 2003, BCTF staff.

Extreme Measures, NRDC OnEarth magazine, Fall 2003, Kim Larsen
BCTF contributed a great deal of time and research to this story on the Wildlife Conservation Society's work to improve wildlife management and reduce bushmeat hunting in logging concessions in the Republic of Congo. Although much of the original draft was edited out for space reasons, the article remains a comprehensive and balanced review of an important initiative.

Bushmeat: Dinner or Deadly Disease?, CBS News, 1 August 2003, Jim Acosta. Text, video and photo.

Exotic meat imports feared for disease link, Boston Globe, 17 July 2003, Katherine Lutz

Great Apes on the Brink of Extinction in Central Africa (Interview with Dale Peterson, Author of "Eating Apes", and Richard Carroll, Director of Africa Programs for WWF), National Public Radio, Kojo Nnamdi show, 10 July 2003  ----  Scroll to Thursday, 1:00pm for this piece, or select this direct link to open your default audio player. After the WAMU station plug plays, the 52-minute broadcast will begin. The Great Apes/Bushmeat interview begins at 30:39 minutes into the broadcast and lasts 21 minutes.

How Progress Makes Us Sick, Newsweek, 5 May 2003 Issue, Geoffrey Cowley.  *No longer available at Newsweek website, but does have it.

New Ebola outbreak in Central Africa kills more than one hundred people (Interview with Conrad Aveling of ECOFAC), on BBC Radio 4 “Today”, 2 April 2003

Wildlife on the Menu, in E/the Environmental Magazine, March-April 2003 Issue, Paul Clarke.

Gorilla Warfare, New Idea magazine (Australia, print only), February 2003, Erin McWhirter

Forest Conservation in the Congo Basin, Letter in Science, 17 January 2003, Andre Kamdem-Toham et al.

Confronting Central Africa's Poaching Crisis, National Public Radio, Weekend Edition Sunday, 12 January 2003, John Nielsen

Bushmeat: The Law of the Jungle, Nature (issue 421, pp.8-9), 2 January 2003, John Whitfield


Communiqué  (AZA's Monthly Magazine), November 2002 Issue, All Articles dedicated to BCTF and partner activities.

They Shoot Poachers Don't They?, National Geographic Adventure, Tom Clynes, October 2002.

Blood Ties: In Africa, the killing of chimps and other primates for food may be spreading AIDS-like viruses, threatening species, The Dallas Morning News, Sarah Goforth, 29 July 2002

Warfare on gorillas poses threat to survival, USA Today, Tim Friend, 8 July 2002

Breeding Grounds: As the AIDS conference opens in Spain, scientists are finding new, potentially dangerous viruses in the monkeys of central Africa  Newsweek, Geoffrey Cowley, 8 July 2002

Chimps Tested in Quest for AIDS Virus Origin,Animals Sampled Without Human Contact, The Washington Post, David Brown, 18 January 2002

Trading in Bushmeat: Africa's Vanishing Apes, The Economist, James Astill, 10 January 2002


Fall of the Wild, Zoogoer Magazine, John Tidwell, September/October 2001 issue.

Task Force Spurs Collaboration on African Bushmeat Crisis, Consultative Group on Biological Diversity Newsletter, Summer 2001 Volume 11, Number 3, Heather E. Eves and Michael Hutchins.

Saving the Last Edens: Shall the Bushmeat Inherit the Earth?, The Why Files. David Tenenbaum, 20 July 2001

Male Gorillas Make a Splash to Get the Females, New Study Finds, National Geographic News. John Roach. 19 July 2001

Latest peril facing African animals. The Tampa Tribune. Editorial/Opinion. 11 July 2001

Logging Co. returns rainforest land Associated Press. Judie Glave. 6 July 2001.

Pristine Congo Rain Forest Spared From Logging  Reuters. Jenny Lin. 6 July 2001.

Chimpanzees Said in Danger Associated Press. George Mwangi . 3 July 2001.

Bonobos' threat: hungry humans Christian Science Monitor. Danna Harman. 7 June 2001.

Unfair Game: The Bushmeat Trade is Wiping Out Large African Mammals
Josephine Hearn, Scientific American, June 2001

Congo Gorilla Numbers Halved
Elizabeth Blunt, BBC News, 18 May 2001

VOA's Africa World Tonight programme (Tuesday, 13 March 2001)

BCTF Collaborative Action Planning Meeting

'Bush Meat' Crisis Needs Urgent Action, Group Warns  Aliette Frank, National Geographic News, 22 May 2001

Bushmeat Hunting Threatens African Wildlife  Cat Lazaroff, Environment News Service, 22 May 2001

Bushmeat trade poses biggest threat to African  wildlife, groups say April Reese Greenwire. 22 May 2001

Experts Join Together to Solve Bushmeat Crisis  U.S. Newswire, 21 May 2001

Business, Industry Asked to Help Save Vanishing Great Apes UNEP Great Apes Survival Project

Great Apes in Peril Alex Kirby, BBC News, 20 May 2001

U.N. Warns Africa's Great Apes Near Extinction Reuters, 20 May 2001


Biggest Peril Gorillas Face is Slaughter from Hunting (Jenni Laidman, The Toledo Blade, 11 December 2000

Orphans of the Slaughter (Jenni Laidman, The Toledo Blade, 10 December 2000)

Africa's Costly Harvest (Tina Susman, Newsday, 28 November 2000)

The Silence of the Woods (Erika Check, Newsweek, 13 November 2000)

The Bushmeat Crisis (Dyan Machan, Forbes Magazine, 13 November 2000)

Hunting to extinction: A wildlife crisis is forcing conservationists to rethink their tactics (Michael Satchell, US News and World Report, 09 October 2000).

The vanishing primates (Cindy Starr, The Cincinnati Post, 18 September 2000).

MD Group Responds to Trade Threat in Africa (John Tuttle, The Sunday Journal (Northern Virginia), 10 September 2000)

Associated Press Story by Joseph B. Verrengia, July 2000 (published in LA Times, USA Today, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC and other news organizations).

Crisis in Africa (Heather Eves and Steve Olson, Communiqué, July 2000. Communiqué is the monthly publication of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association).

Urgent Call Issued to Save Africa's Wildlife (David Braun, National Geographic, 19 May 2000)

Bushmeat Trade Wiping out African Wildlife, Warns Jane Goodall (Cat Lazaroff, Environment News Service, 19 May 2000)

Bushmeat Hunting Pushes Africa's Wildlife to Extinction (Hillary Mayell, National Geographic, 18 May 2000)

Jane Goodall Discusses Bushmeat Threats to Primates (Dr. Jane Goodall, Washington Post, 8 April 2000)

Hunting Bushmeat: An Old Tradition Poses a New Threat (Debra Forthman, ZOOM Magazine Volume 13, No. 2, April 2000. ZOOM is published for members and supporters of Zoo Atlanta)

The Bushmeat Crisis. Alisha Ryu, Voice Of America Radio Broadcast, 24 March 2000

Preserving Lives, 1 Gorilla at a Time

(Jenni Laidman,

The Toledo Blade

, 12 December 2000

Monkey Brains Off the Menu in Central Africa, Reuters,

Antoine Lawson, 31 December 2001


(AZA's Monthly Magazine), November 2002 Issue, All Articles dedicated to BCTF and partner activities.

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