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Signage templates provide text, graphics and interactive components to illustrate the bushmeat crisis, its effects on wildlife and people, and solutions in which we can all take part. The full signage template, including alternate photographs and graphics, is only available on CD-ROM and cannot be reproduced here.

Please cite as:

Jarrett, P., N. Bailey, K. Buck, N. Nastold, M. Gianelloni, C. Hubbard and A. Sullivan. 2003. “Bushmeat Signage” In: Bushmeat Education Resource Guide, N. Bailey and A. Groff, Senior Editors. Washington, DC: Bushmeat Crisis Task Force.

pdf.gif Signage Introduction & Evaluation (321K)

GRAPHICS: Images of Signage Templates (.JPG files)

jpg.gif Central Panel(1.54M)

Text versions of outer panels

jpg.gif The Crisis(174K)
jpg.gif The Cost of Life(178K)
jpg.gif Into the Forest(167K)
jpg.gif Take Action(184K)

Bulleted versions of outer panels

jpg.gif The Crisis(231K)
jpg.gif The Cost of Life(182K)
jpg.gif Into the Forest(1.2M)
jpg.gif Take Action(191K)

AUDIO: Perspectives on the Bushmeat Crisis (.WAV files)
Audio files require a media player, such as Quicktime, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

audio.gif Susan Awunti (African living in the U.S.)(5.2M)
audio.gif Urban Bushmeat Consumer (5.1M)
audio.gif Kopano Malehi (Lesotho Park Guard)(5.1M)
audio.gif Joel Kiyulu (DRC Researcher)(6.2M)
audio.gif Etienne Hatungimana (Cameroon Educator) (8.0M)
audio.gif Sylvia Earle (Marine Biologist)(7.3M)

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