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Media Center | Bushmeat Crisis Task Force
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Media Center

Sharing information with the public is an important BCTF objective, and the media an important partner in achieving this goal. Rather than seek out media opportunities, BCTF has become the go-to organization for access to facts, figures and professionals working to address the bushmeat crisis.

The Media Center includes recent news; a bibliography of print, radio, and television reports supported by photos, editing and interviews from BCTF staff or members of our wide network of professionals; and, information on the kind of support we provide.

Support for Journalists

Raising public awareness about the bushmeat crisis is one of BCTF highest priorities, including awareness among non-consumer groups in North America and Europe. To date, we have supported over 100 reports produced for newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

BCTF staff are happy to help support your next publication.  Our staff can provide:

  • Statistics on the bushmeat crisis
  • Information on the major issues, the people, places and wildlife affected, and the policies and initiatives which are helping address the situation
  • Fact-checking and other editorial services
  • Interviews with staff and professionals in our worldwide network
  • Photos of bushmeat and markets, live animals, people involved in hunting, wildilfe trade and conservation, logging operations, etc.
  • Custom maps of bushmeat factors
  • Bibliographic research on specific topics
  • Hard-to-find publications

Many expert scientists and conservationists have played a major role in the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force over its decade of achievement. For further information on the bushmeat crisis, its driving factors and solutions, please contact the following individuals:

Former BCTF staff
Dr. Heather E. Eves
heather.eves [at] aya.yale.edu
Areas of interest: Africa, capacity building, policy, higher education, development linkages and adaptive management

Natalie Bailey
Assistant Director
nataliedell [at] gmail.com
Areas of interest: education, public outreach, capacity building, information management

Executive Committee Members
Dr. Elizabeth Bennett
VP, Species Conservation
Wildlife Conservation Society
ebennett [at] wcs.org
Areas of interest: Asia, global wildlife trade, species conservation, policy

Keith Brown
Interim President
Jane Goodall Institute
kbrown [at] janegoodall.org
Areas of interest: Africa, development, community conservation, field conservation

Dr. Tracy Farrell
Senior Director of Freshwater Conservation Program
Conservation International
t.farrell [at] conservation.org
Areas of interest: conservation planning, freshwater biology

Dr. Janette Wallis
American University of Nigeria
janettewallis at sbcglobal.net
Areas of interest: primates, great apes, Uganda, Nigeria, higher education

Reg Hoyt
Forest Partners International
reg.hoyt [at] forestpartnersinternational.org
Areas of interest: Liberia, West Africa, conservation planning, community conservation, livelihoods

Matthew Lewis
Senior Program Officer
World Wildlife Fund, US
Areas of interest: Africa, forestry, community conservation

Steve Olson
VP Government Affairs
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
solson [at] aza.org
Areas of interest: policy, zoos and aquariums, marine issues

Kristen Walker Painemilla
Executive Director, Indigenous & Traditional Peoples Program
Conservation International
k.walker [at] conservation.org
Areas of interest: indigenous groups, conservation planning, Latin America

Dr. Michael Hutchins
Executive Director/CEO
The Wildlife Society
michael [at] wildlife.org
Areas of interest: wildlife management and conservation, climate change, environmental ethics

Dr. David Wilkie
Living Landscapes Program
Wildlife Conservation Society
dwilkie [at] wcs.org
Areas of interest: Central Africa, Gabon, socio-economics, remote sensing

Chris Wolf
WolfPack Communications
chriswolfathome [at] yahoo.com
Areas of interest: animal welfare, policy, communications, government affairs

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