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Welcome to the Bushmeat Education Resource Guide (BERG)! This project was initiated by the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force (BCTF) and the Conservation Education Committee (CEC) of the American Zoo & Aquarium Association (AZA) in response to the numerous requests for bushmeat education materials from North American institutions. The BERG was developed through the tireless dedication of numerous volunteers (see Appendix B of the introduction section for a full listing of names) and by the support of BCTF’s Supporting Members and Steering Committee. The Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund generously contributed the funds needed for production and distribution of the BERG. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program generously provided support for the overfishing video that is included on one CD-ROM. We hope that this resource will assist you in your efforts to educate your own staff and volunteers and to reach out to the public regarding the most significant, immediate threat to wildlife in Africa today.

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Initially, one copy of the BERG was distributed to each of over 200 institutions in AZA. The 6-CD BERG package included all the PDF documents available here, plus publication-quality images for exhibit graphics and full-size video and audio files. Since this first distribution, BCTF has given away hundreds of copy of a condensed BERG (no full-size images or signage templates), as part of the BCTF Information CD. Video files have been compressed for this latest distribution via the web. Please contact Natalie Bailey at the address below to inquire about higher-quality video and image files.

Based on feedback from AZA educators, the BERG has been structured to provide signage templates, zoo programming, curriculum, training materials, evaluation tools and resources for further information. Each of these sections links to and supports all other sections, and may be customized to fit institutional collections, programs and visitors. These elements may be combined in different ways to suit different institutions. For example, signage alone may not be appropriate for your institution. Rather, you may wish to train your volunteers and keepers on the bushmeat issue and have them serve as an interpreter for signage. Or use a public lecture to promote the Bushmeat Promise. As you know, conservation messages are more effective when presented in multiple ways. In addition, we have compiled reports on institutions that are currently engaged in bushmeat education – these reports may be found in the Resources section of the BERG.

Solutions to the bushmeat crisis may be found throughout the BERG to emphasize that everyone can play a role in solving this crisis. In particular, the BERG provides numerous links to the overfishing crisis and to the various seafood awareness programs that are working to raise awareness of this issue and to promote solutions. By linking these two overconsumption issues, the BERG provides North American residents with a better perspective on Africa’s current crisis and drives home the point that conservation begins at home.

We would love to receive your comments and recommendations regarding the BERG so that we can continue to improve this resource in the future. Please send all correspondence to:

Natalie Bailey
Former Assistant Director
Bushmeat Crisis Task Force
nataliedell [at]

Best wishes in your efforts to educate the public regarding this critical wildlife and humanitarian issue AND to promote solutions to the problem. We deeply appreciate your commitment to wildlife and habitats in Africa. Please do not hesitate to contact BCTF or any of the team leaders with your questions or comments.


How do I educate others about bushmeat?


The Bushmeat Education Resource Guide (BERG) provides resources that can be used by BCTF members and partners to create unique bushmeat education materials. Learn more about these resources by selecting the links below. 

Updates to BCTF-CEC Working Group (March 2001 - June 2003)

BERG is available, well received at AZA Conference (October 2003)

BERG 2004 Interim Survey Results

BERG Showcase of Education Projects


The bushmeat crisis is a complicated and unsettling topic, and there has been enormous demand from nearly every sector of the wildlife conservation community for strategies and tools that facilitate communication with the general public. To address these needs, BCTF worked with more than 30 volunteers from 23 AZA institutions to develop the Bushmeat Education Resource Guide. BCTF was very pleased to have the collaboration of AZA’s Conservation Education Committee (CEC) on this effort, as the expertise of AZA educators was essential to this project’s success.


Team leaders included Penny Jarrett of Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden (Signage Template), Anne Warner of Oakland Zoo (Programs & Activities), Angela Peterson of Georgia Aquarium (Training), Kristen Lukas, Ph.D. of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (Evaluation Co-chair) and Tara Stoinski, Ph.D. of Zoo Atlanta (Evaluation Co-chair). Natalie Bailey of BCTF and Amy Groff of Disney’s Animal Kingdom served as Senior Editors. We are deeply grateful to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for its generous support of the production and distribution of the BERG. In addition, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program supported some of the video elements included in the final product.


The BERG contains resources in a variety of formats.  To view PDF documents you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Other files are image files (.JPG), audio files (.WAV) or video files (.MP4) requiring the appropriate viewer.

To access the BERG documents you must register first. You will receive a login and password, which allows you complete access to password-protected componentes of BERG. To view a file, left-click on the appropriate hyperlink.  To save a file to disk, right-click on the appropriate hyperlink and choose a folder on your computer to save the file.  To save all of the files for a section (zipped format - audio and video files excluded), select the "Download All" button on each page.

To receive more information on the BERG, request additional photos, or submit any other education-related question, contact Natalie Bailey, BCTF Assistant Director. 

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