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Many expert scientists and conservationists have played a major role in the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force over its decade of achievement. For further information on the bushmeat crisis, its driving factors and solutions, please contact the following individuals:

Former BCTF staff
Dr. Heather E. Eves
Areas of interest: East Africa, Central Africa, policy, capacity building, information management

Natalie Bailey
Assistant Director
Areas of interest: education, public outreach, capacity building, information management

Executive Committee Members
Dr. Elizabeth Bennett
VP, Species Programs
Wildlife Conservation Society
Areas of interest: Asia, China, tigers, primates, policy

Keith Brown
Interim President
Jane Goodall Institute
Areas of interest: Africa, development, community conservation, field conservation

Dr. Tracy Farrell
Senior Director of Freshwater Conservation Program
Conservation International
Areas of interest: conservation planning, freshwater biology

Dr. Janette Wallis
ABTI-American University of Nigeria
Areas of interest: primates, great apes, Uganda, Nigeria, higher education

Reg Hoyt
Forest Partners International
Areas of interest: Liberia, West Africa, forest ecology, community conservation, livelihoods

Matthew Lewis
Senior Program Officer
World Wildlife Fund, US
Areas of interest: East Africa, forestry, community management

Steve Olson
VP Government Affairs
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Areas of interest: policy, zoos and aquariums, marine issues

Kristen Walker Painemilla
Executive Director, Indigenous & Traditional Peoples Program
Conservation International
Areas of interest: indigenous groups, conservation planning, Latin America

Dr. Michael Hutchins
Executive Director
The Wildlife Society
Areas of interest: zoos and aquariums, conservation planning, human wildlife conflict

Dr. David Wilkie
Living Landscapes Program
Wildlife Conservation Society
Areas of interest: Central Africa, Gabon, socio-economics, remote sensing

Chris Wolf
WolfPack Communications (NB: need to check this)
Areas of interest: animal welfare, policy, communications, government affairs

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Thank you very much for your interest in this critically important wildlife issue and for sharing your opinions and ideas with us.

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