Maps and Research

Many of BCTF's research tools were originally developed by staff as off-line tools to support our work synthesizing information and responding to requests from the media and members.  Over the years, we've worked to share these tools online and develop new ones. We hope they are as helpful for you as they are for us.  If you need assistance or would like to request a custom map or hard-to-find report, please don't hesitate to contact

Bushmeat IMAP

In 2004, the Bushmeat Information Management and Analysis Project (Bushmeat IMAP) made our databases available to the public via the Web, and incorporated new tools for searching by keyword and through a map-based search.  The current suite of Bushmeat IMAP tools includes interactive maps for visualizing geographic information about bushmeat "factors" (logging concessions, species ranges, roads, national parks, human population density, etc.).

Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP

This is our newest initiative, the development of which has also improved complementary datasets in the Bushmeat IMAP.

Key Documents

Both IMAPs include "Digital Libraries," but we continue to have a Key Documents page to highlight the most important summary documents produced by BCTF and its collaborators around the world. 

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