Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP

The Asian IMAP follows the same principles of Bushmeat IMAP: both were created to be central repositories of information and tools for analyzing wildlife trade causes and solutions. The Asia IMAP is a collaborative effort to create a channel for sharing, disseminating and raising awareness about illegal wildlife trade in Asia.

Asian Wildlife Trade IMAP Components

  • AWT Digital Library
    Search the BCTF Research Archive of wildlife trade-related research, reports and media, plus the Asian Wildlife Trade Projects Database.
  • Interactive Maps of Asian Wildlife Trade Factors
    Search for information, view relationships, and print out custom-built maps on factors contributing to the illegal wildlife trade in Asia.

Would you like to share information?

Good information is the foundation of effective decision-making. BCTF is developing partnerships with many organizations to share relevant information about illegal wildlife trade in Asia, through the IMAP. If you would like to post your information, please contact

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