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As the human population exploded, the bear's traditional habitat was cleared for timber, agriculture and development. Fragmented populations remain in protected areas. In the threat list also include poaching for their gall bladders and other parts which are prized in traditional Chinese medicine and hunting because their reputation for aggression and crop destruction.

Scientific Classification
ORDER = Carnivora
FAMILY = Ursidae
GENUS AND SPECIES = Ursus thibetanus, Helarctos malayanus, Melursus ursinus, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, Ursus arctos
   Ursus thibetanus - Asiatic Black Bear, Himalayan black bear / Ours de L'Himalaya, ours du Tibet
   Helarctos malayanus - Malayan sun bear, Sun bear / Ours de cocotiers, Ours Malais
   Melursus ursinus - Sloth bear / Ours lippu de l'inde, Ours prochile lippu
   Ailuropoda melanoleuca - Giant panda / Panda geant, Panda
   Usus arctos - Brown bear, Grizzly bear
IUCN RED LIST = Ursus thibetanus (VU), Helarctos malayanus (DD), Melursus ursinus (VU), Ailuropoda melanoleuca (EN), Ursus arctos (LR/lc)
CITES LISTING = The five species: Appendix I

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