ASEAN stands firm against illegal wildlife trade

Koh, D. Radio Singapore International
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Koh, D. (2005, June 6). ASEAN stands firm against illegal wildlife trade. Radio Singapore International. [Online]. Available: [2008, May 29].
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News Release
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Wildlife Trade
ASEAN; Southeast Asia; trade; government; Association of Southeast Asian Nations; plan; TRAFFIC; World Wildlife Fund; enforcement
Southeast Asia: a region where lush rainforests and abundent wildlife thrive. In this week's Eco Watch, find out how ASEAN and international organisations are working hard to preserve this natural paradise. Welcome to the programme, I'm ... Delegates from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have recently drawn up a five year action plan to protect the region's rich biological diversity. Wildlife species in Southeast Asia have long been facing threats of survival due to illegal and unsustainable trade. According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, illegal wildlife trade in South East Asia includes the capturing of birds and reptiles from the region for sale as pets. Ivory from elephants and the the hawksbill turtle's shell have also been sought after, as they can be made into luxury goods. What are the challenges in trying to clamp down on these illegal trades? James Compton is Director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, a joint wildlife trade...
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