The bushmeat trade in Africa: conflict, consensus and collaboration

Jun 19, 2009

 (Chapter 9 of "Gaining Ground: In Pursuit of Ecological Sustainability")

The results of the June 2004 IFAW forum in Limerick, Ireland which brought together experts from around the world who shared perspectives on wildlife conservation and the pursuit of ecological sustainability have been published in a complete volume.  The papers cover general issues such as The Global Context, Modern Examples of ‘Sustainable Use’, Factors at Play, and The Way Forward: Putting Theory into Practice.  In this expertly edited volume, the complexities and challenges of achieving ecological sustainability are elaborated from a variety of perspectives in disciplines.  Together the chapters form an important contribution to the continuing dialogue and debate concerning the question of ecological sustainability in the modern world.

Eves, H.E. 2006. Chapter 9: The bushmeat trade in Africa: conflict, consensus and collaboration. Pages 141-152. In D.M Levigne (ed). Gaining Ground In Pursuit of Ecological Sustainability.  International Fund for Animal Welfare, Guelph, Canada and University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.


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